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Suzhou Qingtian Enterprise Assistance Yinjiang Experimental Primary School Putong Campus "Love School Uniform" Distribution Ceremony

 Date:2023/4/25 9:50:58 Hits:299

On the morning of June 30th, the Moral Education Department of Putong Campus of Yinjiang Experimental Primary School organized a "Love School Uniform" distribution ceremony for Suzhou Qingtian Enterprise Assistance School during the break time.

Firstly, Dai Yu from Class 1, Grade 6, delivered a speech on behalf of the entire school, expressing gratitude to Qingtian Enterprise in Suzhou, and determined to study hard and establish lofty ideals, to be a person who contributes to the country and society, and to live up to the earnest expectations of school teachers and caring individuals. Secondly, the principal of the school, on behalf of all teachers and students, expresses sincere gratitude to Qingtian Enterprise for its generous hopes and donations to the future. He encourages all students in the school to learn to be grateful, and educates them to turn every drop of kindness into a driving force for self-improvement and hard work, a courage to overcome difficulties and overcome them, and to repay their parents' nurturing kindness and the care of society with excellent grades, Live up to the earnest expectations of all sectors of society for you.

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