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Cooperate to Win | Suzhou Shaanxi Cooperation, A to B School Uniform Enters Xixiang Guodong Industrial Park

 Date:2023/4/25 9:28:50 Hits:389

On November 30th, Suzhou Qingtian Enterprise (a to b school uniform parent company) participated in the "Suzhou Shaanxi Cooperation · Xixiang Guodong Industrial Park Promotion Conference" hosted by the Xixiang County People's Government and hosted by Guodong Industry Shanghai Co., Ltd., the County Economic Cooperation Service Center, and the Park Office.

At this meeting, Mr. Yang Zongxian, Chairman of Qingtian Enterprise, signed an agreement with Guodong Group, opening up a new win-win situation for cooperation in the northwest.

In recent years, with the implementation and continuous deepening of the Western Development Strategy, the development speed of the Northwest region has been continuously accelerating, and significant achievements have been made in both economic and social development. During this period, several key projects such as the Qinghai Tibet Railway, the South North Water Diversion Project, the West East Gas Pipeline, the North South Coal Pipeline, the West South Oil Pipeline, and the West East Power Pipeline began to operate or have been completed.
The development of the northwest region is one of China's important economic development strategies, which also brings vast market space and development potential. A to B school uniforms develop the school uniform industry with a long-term perspective, gradually expanding into a vast market including the northwest region.

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