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A to B school uniforms make campus life unique from now on

 Date:2023/4/25 9:22:43 Hits:459

The A to B school uniform brand under Suzhou Qingtian Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. has been established since 2011. In order to make campus life unique from now on, we have always adhered to the educator sentiment of "caring for the healthy growth of Chinese teenagers" and created a Chinese exclusive campus clothing brand. It will make another appearance at the "Shanghai International School Uniform Park Clothing Exhibition" in April 2017.

Suzhou Qingtian Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive company engaged in multi industry operation, utilizing the concept of supply chain management. It mainly has two core businesses: professional production of textile and clothing, and brand distribution. He is located in Zhenze Town, a beautiful and Silk City town in Suzhou, 90 kilometers away from the international metropolis of Shanghai, with a unique geographical location. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to providing excellent clothing development, production, and after-sales service to our customers, producing various types of clothing for numerous well-known brands both domestically and internationally. With unremitting efforts, we have established long-term partnerships with multiple domestic brands and renowned retailers around the world. In recent years, significant progress has been made in the development of ethnic clothing and school uniforms. Now that we have a considerable scale, in order to promote good quality to the market more widely, we at Qingtian are constantly researching, exploring, and updating our products to achieve even greater excellence.

Qingtian Enterprise's A to B school uniforms shone brilliantly at the 2016 Shanghai International School Uniform · Garden Clothing Exhibition with their exquisite product craftsmanship and simple and exquisite design concepts, effectively expressing the theme of "clothing carries the way, allowing school uniforms to inherit the spirit of education" at this exhibition. At the same time, through the grand appearance of the 2016 Shanghai School Uniform Exhibition, Qingtian Enterprise's A to B school uniform stepped onto the stage of the transformation of Chinese campus clothing, promoting the product culture and service concept of the A to B school uniform brand, promoting the healthy development of Chinese campus clothing, allowing Chinese teenagers to wear trendy, safe, and exquisite school uniforms, and caring for the healthy growth of Chinese teenagers.

The Shanghai International School Uniform · Garden Clothing Exhibition will set sail again from April 20 to 22, 2017 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall. Qingtian Enterprise A to B's school uniforms will once again board the industry's "aircraft carrier" and soar in the blue sky of China's education. The 2017 exhibition, with the theme of "optimizing market mechanisms and updating business concepts," further delved into the next generation education market in China, "promoted the establishment of a more fair, just, and open market mechanism in the Chinese campus clothing industry, unleashed industry innovation, and promoted the branding, personalization, and international operation of Chinese campus clothing. The exhibition theme responds to the voice of industry development, which is also in line with the laws and trends of school uniform market economy development. Only under the conditions of an open and fair market mechanism can the industry truly develop better. In such a market environment and mechanism, school uniform clothing enterprises can better unleash their innovative spirit, provide better products and services for Chinese youth, and make their own contributions to the cause of Chinese youth education.

2017屆展會青田企業a to b校服將一如既往相應主辦方的號召,將攜企業優異的校服產品,新的設計方案進行展示,通過潮流精湛的產品工藝、青春靚麗的設計理念與中國中小學學校老師進行交流,以a to b校服教育家的情懷打動客戶,影響客戶。表達2017屆展會主題, a to b校服用產品文化魅力引領市場,堅守自己的原則,倡導中國校園服飾行業公平、公正、公開市場機制的建立,促進中國校園服飾品牌化、個性化、國際化經營。

Qingtian Enterprise a to b school uniform booth number: T-A11-2, looking forward to your visit. Due to the A to B school uniform, campus life in China has since become unique.

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