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Suzhou Chint Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, production, and sales of textile and garment products. Founded in 1993 (Zhenze Cotton, Hemp, and Silk Textile Factory), it is located in Zhenze Town, Wujiang, Suzhou, known as the "Silk City". The registered capital of the company is 80 million yuan, with more than 1000 employees, covering an area of over 50000 square meters and a factory area of over 30000 square meters; The company has an annual clothing production capacity of 7 million pieces and an annual sales of 650 million yuan. At present, we have established long-term partnerships with multiple well-known retailers around the world and numerous well-known domestic brands, with our business covering various provinces and cities in China, as well as multiple countries in Europe and America. The company has passed the certification of the 1S09001, 1S014001, and 15045001 systems, with nearly 40 experienced technicians in the clothing industry. It has seven invention patents and more than fifty utility model patents, and its school uniform products have won multiple gold medals in domestic design competitions. The company has established research and development institutions such as Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center and Suzhou Industrial Design Center. It is a high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu Province and a specialized, refined, and innovative enterprise in Jiangsu Province. It has excellent research and development, design, and industrial development capabilities in the industry. Currently, it has 27 first class (intellectual property invention patents) and 35 second class (utility model patents) intellectual property rights, as well as 1744 original copyright registration certificates. It is a copyright demonstration unit in Jiangsu Province. School uniform products have won gold medals in domestic design competitions multiple times. In 2014, it was selected as one of the first batch of advanced domestic student uniform production and service enterprises, and in 2016, it was awarded the first batch of well-known domestic school uniform brands.
At the same time of our own development, we never forget to repay the society. We have donated 17 Hope Primary Schools in Tibet, Xinjiang, Yunnan and other places. The company is a "UNICEF Partner in China", "Outstanding Public Welfare Partner of the Project Hope", and "Advanced Member in the Fight against COVID-19 in 2020".


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Corporate Culture
Corporate Vision

Becoming a world leading enterprise in the clothing industry.

Corporate Mission

Focusing on customer needs, providing effective product supply and providing consumers with suitable, timely, and affordable consumer products worldwide.

Core values

Seriously and responsibly manage effective employees, develop each employee's abilities, align the company's development with employee happiness, and seek a high-quality life for customers, employees, collaborators, and all those related to the company.
To fulfill the responsibilities of industry professionals, create new value, and strive to create an excellent work environment. Provide high-quality products and reliable services to society, and shape a better quality of life for human society.


Treat people with sincerity and excel in life industry to serve the country

Code of Conduct

Pragmatism: In dealing with people, one does not seek the surface.
Integrity: treating people with sincerity
Innovation: Developing new products and providing new services
Professional dedication: Respect the position and complete tasks assigned by superiors in a timely, accurate, complete, and effective manner.
Unity: Seeking cooperation between employees and collaborators.
Excellence: Excellent products, excellent services, and outstanding social value.

Propaganda slogan
My Qingtian My Home
Development History
Suzhou Qingtian Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the design, production, and sales of textile and garment products. It was established in 1993 (Zhenze Cotton and Hemp Silk Textile Factory) and is located in Zhenze Town, Wujiang, Suzhou, known as the "Silk City". The registered capital of the company is 80 million yuan.
In 1994, it was renamed as Wujiang Qingtian Silk Co., Ltd. The business name "Qingtian" was born from then on. At that time, Qingtian Company was mainly engaged in the import and export trade of silk raw materials, fabrics, and finished garments.
In October 1995, with the unique advantages of China's textile industry and technology, as well as the commercial experience it gained in the market, it established a physical entity to engage in the production and sales of ready-made clothing. From a small workshop at the beginning, it gradually developed into a large factory with 2600 employees.
In October 1999, the company was officially renamed "Suzhou Qingtian Enterprise Development Co., Ltd.". After thirty years of hard work, Qingtian Enterprise has gained a certain reputation both domestically and internationally.
Establishing Zhenze Cotton and Hemp Silk Textile Factory
December 1993
Zhenze Cotton and Hemp Silk Textile Factory Renamed to Wujiang Qingtian Silk Co., Ltd
Established a physical entity engaged in the production and sales of ready-made clothing
October 1995
October 1999 to present
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